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Tranmere Rovers FC is currently owned by Mark and Nicola Palios, with a new board in place since August 2014. The Trust have a formal representative on the board and as such have a huge influence on the strategic direction and operational management of the club.

However, back in 2011 when the club was facing an uncertain future the Trust was playing an important part in providing options to bring about future stability to the club. The main focus of this was the takeover bid which provided a financially viable option of the club to be owned and run by the fans.

Ultimately, whilst the bid was unsuccessful and the Palios’ bought the club, it should not be forgotten as an important period of the Trust’s history and a reflection of the commitment, dedication and loyalty of the Trust and all of its members.

Key events:

July 2011: The Trust board reach agreement with Tranmere Rovers chairman Peter Johnson about how the club could be transferred into community ownership.

Trust chairman Ben Harrison said at the time:

"There is widespread respect in the game for the sensible way Tranmere has been run and we all recognise that without Peter Johnson, Tranmere Rovers might not be in existence today. We believe there is an opportunity for a new beginning with Tranmere Rovers Football Club under community ownership where it will have the chance to thrive and prosper by engaging all its fans behind a shared vision.”

"We understand how expensive running a football club can be but we believe we can create a business model that will enable community ownership to work.. The feeling amongst members of the Trust is that this is the best thing that could happen to the club. We feel there is massive potential for the club to tap into supporters more than they do now."

August 2011 : Tranmere Rovers Trust launch scheme to raise a minimum of £300,000 from supporters for a future purchase of Tranmere Rovers FC.

September 2011: 20,000 copies the formal takeover bid document, entitled "Your chance to own your club"  are distributed to fans, local businesses and the wider community.

September - December 2011: Investments of over £100,000 are generated from a range of sources - individuals and businesses. Ongoing dialogue with Peter Johnson.

January 2014: Takeover pot reaches £175,000
March 2014: Peter Johnson holds discussions with Michael Wilde (Businessman) over an alternative bid.
April 2014: Michael Wilde deal does not proceed.
August 2014: Mark & Nicola Palios take over the club.