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Tranmere Rovers Trust: Statement

To all League 1 Owners and Supporters 

You may wonder why despite all the national press coverage; the Tranmere Rovers Supporters Trust has not yet entered the debate.

Well, up to now, and it still remains the case, the only certainty is the uncertainty regarding the end of the current season!

Nonetheless, it remains our duty to represent our members and supporters - those supporters who have backed the team as it gained back to back promotions via the last game of the season, and who do not deserve to have such hard won successes removed by an administrative decision.

They have displayed their commitment to our club by purchasing season tickets in significantly increased numbers for themselves and less fortunate members of the local community, pledging their support for 23 home games as they looked forward to seeing the development of the team over the season, as has been the case in each of the last three seasons under our manager. The season has not been completed, there are ten games remaining, and not only our supporters, but we are sure the fans of Shrewsbury, Accrington and Blackpool were left in no doubt that everyone associated with our club was confident of avoiding relegation.

Therefore, to be faced with relegation IMPOSED on us by our peers in League 1, is disappointing not only on a sporting basis - but also morally!

Tranmere Rovers Football Club views the league as a community, as witnessed by the welcome extended to the teams and their officials and supporters in the ground, boardroom and Trust Fan Park, and have extended the image of League 1 to numerous international fans taking in an additional game prior to a Premiership match the following day in the North West, taking the view that we need each other to prosper individually. Indeed, having experienced financial difficulties in our own past, prior to the prudent custodianship of our current owners, we and our fans have sought to actively support other clubs when in difficulty or need, be that most recently Bury or other smaller 'rivals' who subsequently became friends such as North Ferriby and South Park.

Witnessing the divisive comments which threaten our enforced relegation, it seems that the community ethos is disintegrating and we are faced with a possibility which is as far removed from 'a level playing field' as it could possibly be, we would hope that League 1 owners and supporters would also acknowledge and recognise this.

As a Trust we are fully supportive of the proposal submitted by Mark Palios, and are disappointed that to date it does not appear to have been given consideration, since it appears to be a fair solution financially beneficial for all.

Finally, we are aware that our Southern Supporters have initiated a 'fighting fund' to support the club should it be necessary to investigate the legalities of changes to current rules, and this will have our full support should the need arise. However, we remain mindful that the current position resulted from circumstances arising and the need to protect the football community, clubs, fans and the communities each resides in. Our efforts like that of so many clubs, fans and supporter Trusts are focussed on providing food parcels and support (mental, physical and emotional) to our community.

We hope that our football community will display the same care to each club as it has to each supporter when the forthcoming vote takes place.


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  • Nigel Long on

    Totally agree !

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