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About | The Trust

The Trust was formally brought into existence as an Industrial and Provident Society in May 2002. This is a similar model to the other 150+ supporters’ trusts round the UK that have been set up under a structure developed by Supporters Direct.

A group of Tranmere supporters formed a working group a few months previously and developed a set of aims and an associated constitution. These aims remain the same today, although the ways in which the Trust has sought to achieve these aims has changed and developed over the years depending on the circumstances facing the Club, the Trust and the supporters.

The aims form part of the Trust’s constitution and are shown below, along with a brief explanation as to how the Trust attempts to achieve these aims. The explanatory comments are intended to provide the essence of what is meant within each aim. The examples used are by no means exhaustive, and may be modified or altered as the Trust progresses toward the achievement of each one.

 1). To strengthen the bonds between the Club and the community which it serves

  • Act as a focal point for contact between Club and fans
  • Encourage more openness and consultation in the Club’s decision-making
  • Promote the Club through the Trust’s activities and events – e.g. fund raising, events, competitions, community forum’s
  • Openness and transparency. Mainly to ensure that fans are informed immediately about decisions which are likely to affect them directly. 

2). To represent the interests of the supporters in the running of the Club

  • Trust representation on the Board
  • Regular Trust meetings with the Club Chairman and the other Board members
  • Regular fans’ forums
  • Trust AGM allows members to determine direction of Trust
  • Provide strong representation for Trust members with shares at the Club AGM
  • Purchase shares in the Club
  • Make sure that information about the feelings of the supporters is effectively communicated to the club, ensuring that the views of the paying fans are taken into account in any planning or decision making.

 3). To support and encourage the further development of the Club’s School of Excellence

  • Raise funds towards improving youth facilities
  • Contribute to running costs of academy/School of Excellence 

4). To help raise the profile of the Club and encourage new support from all areas of the community

  • Provide a visible presence of TRFC fans on Wirral via:
    1. Trust website
    2. Contributions to other TRFC supporter websites
    3. Radio appearances
    4. Newspaper columns and/or regular press releases
  • Develop regular initiatives to assist the sale of season tickets at TRFC
  • Provide “Supporters’ voice” to media
  • Hold Trust events at Club to increase income & profile of ‘corporate facilities’
  • Structured and cost effective away travel
  • One notable aspect of the Club which needs encouragement is marketing. With the exception of the pricing of admission and season-tickets virtually nothing has been done to promote attendance at the Club’s home games. This aim allows the Trust to tap in to the skills and expertise among the supporters to help market the Club more effectively

 5). To help ensure the viability and long term continuity of the Club within the community of Wirral

  • Act as rallying point for supporters of the Club if ever it finds itself in financial difficulties
  • Fundraising for various Trust approved projects (i.e. decided by the membership of the Trust) – e.g. 
    1. Physiotherapy equipment
    2. Main stand renovation and up-keep
    3. Pitch maintenance
    4. Loan player acquisition
  • Encourage local business involvement with the Club through sponsorship, corporate events, VIP tickets, etc.
  • Club sponsorship – matches, media suite, players, advertising
  • Provide transport to away games
  • In case any unforeseen circumstances arise this aim allows for the Trust to get involved in any administration, or acquire a shareholding to protect the fans interests should this be the wish of the membership.