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Commemorative Bricks at Prenton Park

Over the course of the last few years, the Trust, thanks to the financial support of our fans has sought to assist the club, with various projects and improvements throughout the stadium and its surroundings, which has culminated in our current goal of providing a new state of the art Fan Park, following the success of the current one and other landmarks such as the Johnny King Statue, entrance gates and numerous murals throughout the Wirral.

As part of the wide ranging consultation exercise, we received queries from several fans as to the commemorative 'bricks' which used to be attached to the wall adjacent to the Main Stand on Prenton Road West.

Many will have noted that the conditions of the bricks had deteriorated since their installation, and several had fallen off over the years - culminating in the decision to remove those still attached and install a mural in their place.

Given the fans original contribution to the club for the purchase of these bricks, many remembering fans no longer with us, the Trust would like to recognise them on a new plaque to be attached to the vacant plinth on the base of the Johnny King statue.

As such, we have compiled a list from the 'Bricks' which were recovered, (we will make arrangements for those who might wish to reclaim these next season) but are conscious that there are several missing names, for which the club has no records.

Therefore, if you or a relative purchased a brick, but have been omitted from the list please contact the Trust with either a photo of the brick, or alternatively your original certificate from the purchase and we will ensure you are not omitted.

We would advise that due to spatial and cost constraints, unfortunately we will only be able to list names, and are unable to include all of the original messages / dedications.

For those supporters who might wish to consider a similar tribute, please note that opportunities for similar recognition exist within the new Fan Park Crowd funding offers.

Please send any details to:

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