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Joint Statement

After consecutive promotions we have now been expelled from League One by 0.04 points and with 10 games left to play.

The EFL shirked the responsibility of finding a solution befitting of sporting integrity and instead our relegation rivals, who still had to play us, voted us down for them. Incredibly a League Two play-off competition will now take place to replace us.

The outcome is difficult to accept, but as supporters we must quickly unite and back the club to immediately restore our rightful place in the division through another promotion.

The contempt shown to our club will only make our love for it stronger. Where there is faith there is light and strength.

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  • Roy Woolley on

    As a Coventry City supporter I am, of course, pleased that my team have been promoted but sympathise greatly with Tranmere’s plight in the shambles created by the EFL———- Tranmere should have stayed up——what’s wrong with having one extra club in the division [next season] for one season?

  • Roy Granton on

    Time to pick ourselves up and turn our abject disappointment into renewed determination to win back what ’s been so cruelly taken away from us.

  • William Montgomery on

    I think we would have escaped relegation if we had completed the season. Teams kept quoting the cost of completing fixtures, no one mentioned the cost of refunds for season ticket holders for the five home games. Are Tranmere going to refund the money or are they going to deduct it from the cost of season 2020-21 season tickets? Tranmere fan from 1957 and a season ticket holder for many of the last 23 years and I will be buying one for next season. Regards Bill Montgomery

  • Damien McAleny on

    As expected,a cowardly decision by the EFL, to relegate a respected football club,with the highest standards towards the local community,to its opponents,to its players and its supporters. With Mark’s and Nicola’s leadership,Tranmere Rovers will return,more powerful and successful than in even recent years and,hopefully,return to League One and settle some scores with little,insignificant excuses for a football team!
    Yes,we’re hurting right now but if we all pull together,as we have done during the last three seasons,we’ll put FGR,in particular,and the Chairs of the likes of Wimbledon,Rochdale and MK Dons for failing to assist us.Having said this,a very warm and appreciative vote of thanks to the Peterborough Chairman,MacAntony for his unfailing support for Rovers.Despite his club being a graveyard in the past,my views have turned full circle for Peterborough United now.Good luck to them for a successful 2021 League One campaign!
    So Rovers,heads held high tonight and always because we will support you for ever and a day and we look forward to being together with you at our home,Prenton Park, as soon as possible! To finish, warm congratulations to our owners,Nicola and Mark for their brilliantly,well constructed plan for League One’ s conclusion to this season.You must be gutted by the response you received from Parry and from the other members of this League but you have earned,once again,the full support of Rovers’ fans.We will always be beside you to share the very special love we all have for our club,TRANMERE ROVERS!!

  • Phil Radmore on

    I am a member of Exeter City Supporters Trust and am totally with you on this. My club are in the League 2 Play Offs and whilst many of our club’s fans welcome this, in the name of fairness, I do not. I have always been in favour of the season being voided rather than this unfair mathematical farce.

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