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Birkenhead Beer & Cider Festival - Update 23rd May 2016


With only 11 days to go till the start of the Birkenhead Beer and Cider Festival. We can now reveal the Beers, Ciders and Belgian Bottled beers that will be available for the festival.




Set up in 2003, all ales use the Barnsley yeast strain dating back to the 1850s. Barnsley Bitter is a CAMRA Beer of the Year.

  1. Barnsley Bitter 3.8%

A brown bitter with a smooth malty bitterness throughout with notes of caramel and chocolate.

  1. Barnsley Gold 4.0%

A golden ale with fruit in the aroma and a hoppy and fruity flavour throughout.

Ad Hop


Craft brewery based in Prospect Street, Liverpool 6

  1. Prospect Pale 4.6%

A balanced American Pale Ale with Equinox and Caliente for aroma. 

  1. Prospect Hophead 6%

An American IPA, heavily late hopped and dry  hopped with Equinox and Caliente.



Began brewing in 2008, have expanded to a 12 barrel capacity and also operate a 0.5 barrel experimental brew plant.

  1. Bitter 3.8%

A blonde bitter, slightly sweet with hints of tangerine and fruit salad.

  1. Blonde 4.1%

Platinum Blonde bitter. Citrus and pine nose, with a dry, crisp and hoppy taste.

Bank Top


Now celebrating 20 years, occupying a Grade II listed tennis pavilion and owns two pubs.

  1. Flat Cap 4.0%

Amber ale with a modest fruit aroma leading to a beer with citrus fruit and hops.

  1. Pavilion Pale Ale 4.5%

A yellow beer with a citrus and hop aroma.


Brierley Hill, West Midlands

A legendary small Black Country brewery established in 1877. Run by the fifth generation of the family. The popularity of the bitter is marked by it normally being delivered in 54 gallon hogsheads.

  1. Bitter 4.3%

A pale yellow, fruity, sweetish bitter, with a dry, hoppy finish. A good light refreshing beer.


Brownhills, Staffordshire

The Beowulf Brewing Company began life in an abandoned Co-op shop in Yardley, and in 1997 when Phil Bennett first fired up his mash, his was the first independent commercial brewer in the area for decades. The brewery is based in the Chasewater Country Park.

  1. Beorma 3.9%

A perfectly balanced session ale with a malty hint of fruit giving way to a malty bitterness. 

  1. Chasewater Bitter 4.4%

Golden bitter, hoppy throughout with citrus and hints of malt. Long mouth-watering, bitter finish.

Big Shed


The brewery opened in 2014 housed in a smallholding in the Shropshire countryside using a new 20 barrel plant and brewing in the traditional manner.

  1. Battlefield Gold 3.8%

A classic session beer with a touch of dark malts, a dry background and a hint of citrus grapefruit and lemon.

  1. Engineer’s Best 4.2%

An easy drinking golden pale ale, with adequate body and mouthfeel, with a restrained malt flavour plus a hint of sweetness.


Burton upon Trent

Established in 2007 with a purpose built 10 barrel plant in the former Coope bottling stores. Capacity was increased in 2012 and now supplies around 600 outlets. The brewery was bought by the owners of Mr Grundy’s brewery in 2014.

  1. Bitter 3.8%

Amber glow and malt and spicy hop aroma. Fresh lively session beer hopped to give a clean, crisp finish of hoppy dryness and a touch of astringency.

  1. Cosmic 4.2%

Almost golden with an initial malt aroma. The complex balance of malt and English hops give lingering tastes of nuts, fruit and a dry hoppy bitterness.

Blue Monkey

Giltbrook, Nottinghamshire

The name stems from a nickname for the blue flames that used to rise from the chimneys of Stanton Ironworks, a prominent local foundry. The brewery was established in 2008 as a 10 barrel plant but moved to a bigger site in 2010 to cope with demand. It now supplies over 200 local outlets plus national suppliers.

  1. Chimp Chim-in-Nee 3.8%

A beautiful pale and intensely hoppy beer, with tropical fruit aromas and a lovely thirst quenching bitterness.

  1. BG Sips 4.0%

Pale golden hoppy beer, brewed mainly with Brewer’s Gold hops. Fruity and bitter.



Started brewing in 2008 with Kym Wainwright as head brewer. Since has tripled in size and now owns several pubs.

  1. Long Hop 3.9%

Pale lager-style bitter, with fruity refreshing hops.

  1. Best 4.2%

A hoppy bitter. Clean and crisp with a light golden colour and a refreshing bitter aftertaste.


Horbury Bridge, West Yorkshire

The first brew was produced in 2013 by a father and son team who both served in the armed forces. Most of the brews are named with a nautical theme.

  1. Golden Rivet 3.7%

A golden, smooth and malty beer. Fruity with a blend of American & New Zealand hops.

  1. Maiden Voyage 3.9%

A chestnut brown bitter, moderately hopped and gently bittered using Fuggles (English hops)



Founded in October 2006 in the heart of the Wirral countryside, the first to open since the closure of Birkenhead Brewery in the 1960s.

  1. Sandpiper 6% - Kindly sponsored by Heatons Office Products –

A sublimely balanced Light Ale with tropical fruit flavours.

  1. Rhode Island Red Rye 4.0%

Red, smooth and well-balanced; rich fruity aroma, slightly malty with long lingering berry notes and dry aftertaste.

  1. Dunkel Weiss 4.8%

A new brew making its debut at the festival, it is a dark wheat beer that marks the brewery’s 10th anniversary.  Made with British malt and German hops it’s something worth celebrating!

  1. Brimstage IPA 6.0%

Modern India Pale Ale brewed with English and New World hops.

Brown Cow

Barlow, North Yorkshire

Brewing since 1997; producing hand-crafted beers using traditional methods.

  1. Over the Moon 4.2%

A clean drinking English style premium Bitter with well-balanced bitterness and depth of flavour.

  1. Captain Oates Mild 5%

 A dark mild with a complex mix of malts and oats. Well balanced with undertones of coffee and chocolate.

Burton Bridge

Burton upon Trent

Established in 1982, including a CAMRA award winning brewery tap, supplies more than 300 outlets.

  1. Golden Delicious 3.8%

A Burton classic with sulphurous aroma and well balanced hops and fruit. An apple fruitiness, sharp and refreshing.

  1. XL Bitter 4.0%

Another Burton classic with sulphurous aroma. Golden with fruit and hops and a characteristic lingering aftertaste hinting of toffee and apple sweetness.


Braddan, Isle of Man

Started in 1986 as a brewpub the brewery relocated in 1990 to cope with demand. It runs two pubs on the Isle of Man and exports beer all over the UK.

  1. Castletown Bitter 3.5%

A light, golden beer full of floral and citrus hints.

  1. Old Bushy Tail 4.5%

An appealing reddish brown beer with a pronounced hop and malt aroma, the malt tending towards treacle. Slightly sweet and malty on the palate, with distinct orangey tones. The full finish is malty and hoppy a hint of toffee.

Castle Rock


Established in 1998 with steady expansion to a capacity of 360 barrels per week.

  1. Harvest Pale 3.8%

Pale yellow beer, full of hop aroma and flavour. Refreshing with a mellow aftertaste.



A mirror image of Brimstage…….they re-established brewing in their home town in 2012, also using a state of the art Moeschle plant.

  1. New York Pale 3.9%

A pale session bitter with a refreshing citrus taste and a crisp bitter finish.

  1. Iron & Steel Bitter 4.0%

Chestnut-coloured with complex spicy flavours of dark fruits with a clean finish. An easy drinking Yorkshire session beer.

Connoisseur Ales

 St Helens

Launched in 2014, but built on years of brewing experience. Mark, Gillian and Kevin Yates formerly ran the Baltic Fleet.

  1. SMILE 3.5%

Pale and lightweight golden ale with big hop flavours from Nugget and Harmonie.

  1. Lantern House 3.9%

A distinctive amber-malt base with crisp clean hop flavours.

  1. Tropical Maibock 6.1%

A German Lentbock with a crisp malty base packing a punch of tasty tropical hops.



The first brewery in Conwy for over 100 years when established and reached their tenth anniversary milestone in 2013. Now brewing at new premises in Llysfaen in a new 25 barrel brewery. Supplies across North Wales and Northern England.

  1. Oatmeal Stout 4.3%

Velvety smooth Stout with rich, dark malt flavours complemented beautifully by a hint of blackcurrant coming through from the Bramling Cross hops.

  1. California 4.4%

Blonde beer from the West Coast range showcasing modern brewing styles with citrus hoppy aromas with a good balance of sweet malt & rounded bitterness.

Cwrw Ial

Llanarmon Yn Lal

Cwrw Iâl Community Brewing Company was born from the vision of two locals who were keen home brewers. In keeping with the village social enterprise entrepreneurial spirit they decided to go for it and Cwrw Iâl Community Brewing Company was born. It’s a 10 barrel plant supplying across North Wales and the North West and all profits are used for community projects. 

  1. Tail Whip 4.0% - Kindly sponsored by iData –

A pale ale, with crisp clean malts and a dry hopped smoothness. It has a tangerine, marmalade and orange aroma. 

  1. Limestone Cowboy 4.5%

A robust dark copper ale using roasted malts, big tasting American hops and West Coast yeast.

Dancing Duck


Established in 2010 by Rachel Mathews using a 10 barrel plant its name comes from the local greeting “Ay up me duck”.

  1. Ay Up 3.9%

A pale session ale. Subtle malt and floral notes are matched splendidly with citrus hop, rounded off with a slightly dry finish.

  1. DCUK 4.3%

A great aroma and powerful upfront hoppy bitterness give way to an explosion of citrus and pine flavours. A full on hop attack not for the faint hearted!

Deva Craft


  1. 568 4.0%

An extra-pale ale brewed with single Cascade hop. Slightly citrus with big floral notes.

  1. Oatimus Prime 4.2 %

An Oatmeal pale ale with big fruity notes from Centennial, Autanum and Mosaic hops.


West Yorkshire

Originally formed in 2002 as Eastwood and Sanders by the amalgamation of the Barge and Barrel and West Yorkshire breweries, the company was renamed Elland in 2006 to reinforce its links with the town. The brewery has a capacity of 50 barrels a week.

  1. Beyond the Pale 4.2%

Pale golden bitter brewed with finest English and German style malts for a rich flavour. Brewer’s Gold, American Cascade and Centennial hops give a strong citrus aroma and a dry pleasing finish. Champion Beer of Britain finalist for the last two years.

  1. Elland 1872 Porter 6.5%

Arguably the most decorated beer in recent British brewing history. A rich, complex, dark ruby porter from an 1872 recipe. It has an old port nose, coffee and bitter chocolate flavours from four malts including finest Maris Otter and English hops. Supreme Champion Beer of Britain. Three times National Winter Ales Champion.

Fixed Wheel

Blackheath, West Midlands

A full mash brewery, set up in 2014 by cycling and brewing enthusiasts Scott Povey and Sharon Bryant.

  1. Chain Reaction Pale 4.2%

American-style pale ale brewed with English malt and US hops giving orange and citrus flavours.

  1. No Brakes IPA 9%

An American-style IPA with fruity, citrus flavours and a touch of sweetness.


Upper Gornall, West Midlands

Established in 2012 to the rear of the Jolly Crispin.  All the beers carry stories of Dwarfen legend!

  1. Dragonslayer 4.2%

A festival of hops!

  1. Firebeard’s Old Favourite No. 5 Ruby Ale 5.0%

A rich ruby-coloured mild ale full of malty flavour with fruity notes.

Great Heck

North Yorkshire

Began production in 2008 in a converted slaughterhouse at the heart of the Selby coalfield. The brewery moved across the road to a converted cottage in 2012 and now brews using a 15 barrel plant.

  1. Chopper 3.8%

A pale session beer.

  1. Dave 3.9% - Kindly sponsored by DW Computers -

Dark, silky smooth session bitter brewed with copious quantities of finest English chocolate and crystal malts whose richness is balanced to perfection by the subtle bitterness and hints of berries from the addition of whole English hop flowers.

Happy Valley


A husband and wife run microbrewery started in 2010 by David and Nicola Hughes.

  1. Little Rascal 3.9%

A light coloured ale with breath-taking hop character provided by Tomahawk, Columbus and Chinook hops. This hop extravaganza is well balanced with lingering citrus and grapefruit aftertaste.

  1. Black Out XO Rum Porter 4.4%

A dark full-bodied Porter with a deep intense malty flavour coming from dark roasted and chocolate malts finishing with a lingering aroma of Barbadian oak aged rum! Champion beer of Cheshire 2013.



A family brewery spanning four generations, Holden’s began life as a brewpub in 1915. Continued recent expansion sees 20 tied pubs and a new brewery building.

  1. Black Country Mild 3.7%

A bold chestnut-red mild with nutty biscuit notes with a delicious hint of chocolate. Brewed using amber malt, caramalt, black malt and choicest Fuggles hops it is an easy drinking traditional Black Country mild.

Kelham Island


The brewery was built in 1990 in the beer garden of the Fat Cat in Alma Street and was the first new independent brewery in Sheffield in almost 100 years. The original brewery had a 10 barrel capacity but due to increased demand the original building was converted to a visitors’ centre and in March 1999 the new brewery opened with a 50 barrel capacity.

  1. Pale Rider 5.2%

Full bodied straw coloured pale ale with a fruit aroma and a strong fruit and hop taste. It’s well balanced sweetness and bitterness continue in the finish. A CAMRA beer of the year in 2014.

Kirkby Lonsdale


A microbrewery founded by four local lads. It is a 6 barrel plant based in an old station yard just outside the town.

  1. Ruskin’s Bitter 3.8% - Kindly sponsored by KLAS Ltd (Accountants) –

Brewed using Maris Otter malted barley complimented with Magnum and Brewers Gold hops to give a fruity and spicy characteristic, with a lasting dry finish.

  1. Radical Red 4.2%

A ruby red beer brewed with a selection of Maris Otter, crystal and black malts.
A combination of English and European hops adding a wonderful sweetness to this malty beer.


Smisby, Derbyshire

Founded in 1993 by Bill Allingham the brewery has expanded and relocated over the years and is now run by Bill’s elder brother Edward.

  1. Lemongrass & Ginger 3.8%

Pale and hoppy ale infused with lemongrass and ginger. Crisp and refreshing. One of CAMRA’s Beers of the Year for 2015.

  1. Scoundrel 4.1%

Full bodied dark porter, very smooth with chocolate malt and roast barley.

Longden - Shropshire Brewer

Longden Common, Shropshire

A 5 barrel brewery based in a converted stable adjacent to the brewery tap, The Red Lion which started production in 2013. Beers are named after local legends.

  1. Golden Arrow 3.8%

A moderate strength pale gold session ale, with an abundance of tropical fruit & citrus hop character provided by a blend of New Zealand and British hop varieties.

  1. Spire Dancer 4.2%

A golden ale brewed using 100% British grain and hops. A blend of barley malt and wheat malt complemented by Challenger, First Gold and Goldings hops to yield a balanced and refreshing ale with flavours of honey, orange, and sweet-spicy floral notes.



A family run brewery brewing since 2008 which has grown rapidly and now supplies over 300 outlets.

  1. Stone Faced 4.0%

Amber bitter with subtle citrus and toffee flavours balanced by a hoppy aroma and a bitter finish.

  1. Foundation Stone 4.5%

A golden IPA crafted from pale and crystal malts. Faint biscuit and chewy, juicy citrus fruits burst onto the palate then spicy Boadicea and Pilot hops pepper the taste buds leaving a pleasing long and dry bitter finish.

Magic Rock


Started brewing in 2011 in the old bed factory attached to the Rockshop Wholesale Company. In 2015 it expanded to new premises.

  1. Ring Master 3.9%

Pale ale with a floral/grassy aroma and citrus hops.

  1. Dark Arts 6.0%

Chocolate, liquorice, blackberry and fig flavours with a long roasted bitter finish.



Began brewing in 1997 at the Marble Arch Inn but now brews at a 12 barrel plant in a nearby unit producing beers suitable for vegans.

  1. Ginger 5.1%

Full-bodied copper coloured beer with a delicate blend of cloves, coriander and fiery ginger.


Ilkeston, Derbyshire

A one man, 2 barrel micro-brewery which started life in the house of the owner and brewer.

  1. Shunter’s Pole 3.8%

Pale refreshing hoppy session beer made with Columbus hops giving a light hoppy finish

  1. Hat Trick IPA 5.2%

IPA packed with hops starting with Maynka for bitterness and then finished with a hat trick of American hops



In 2009 the Nook Brewhouse was built on a site to the rear of the Nook where a previous brewery, dating from 1754 once stood, reviving a local brewing tradition. 

  1. Yorks 3.7%

A classic Yorkshire Bitter.  Generously hopped with British Challenger and beautifully balanced with a blend of pale and caramel colour malts to give a sweet toffee colour and flavour with bitter-sweet finish.

  1. Best Bitter 4.2%

Golden in colour, floral in aroma and balanced in flavour to provide a smooth, easy drinking ale.



The brewery started in 1993 in Oakham and moved to Peterborough in 1988. Main production is at the 75 barrel plant with an additional 6 barrel plant located at a city centre brewpub making special and one off brews. Approximately 350 outlets are supplied and the brewery owns four pubs.

  1. JHB 3.8%

Straw coloured golden ale dominated by citrus hop character throughout. Long dry and a slightly astringent finish.

  1. Bishops Farewell 4.6%

Powerfully citrusy, the hops on the aroma of this golden / yellow beer become bittersweet on the palate. Zesty citrus aftertaste. 

Olde Swan


The present brewery and pub were built in 1863. Brewing continued until 1988 and restarted in 2001. The plant supplies primarily for the on-site pub with some beer available to the trade.

  1. Original 3.5%

An example of an almost extinct type of mild, a light coloured mild. Its strength is 3.5% and is described as a straw coloured light mild, smooth but tangy, and sweetly refreshing with a faint hoppiness.

  1. Entire 4.4%

Faintly hoppy, amber premium bitter, with sweetness persistent throughout



The Orkney Brewery was started in 1988 in an old village school building. In 2006 it was acquired by Norman Sinclair and incorporated sister brewery Atlas. In 2010 it expanded and a 5 star visitors’ centre was completed in 2012.

  1. Red McGregor 4.0%

A brilliant ruby red colour, deliciously perfumed with hints of spiciness. Rich hop fruits giving way to a clean dry refreshing floral hop bitterness.



Established in Ellesmere Port in 1982, Oak Brewery moved to the old Phoenix brewery in Heywood and adopted the name in 2001. It brews the house beer for the Brunning and Price pub co.

  1. Brunning and Price Original 3.8% - Kindly provided by the Red Fox, Thornton Hough –

This beer has a gentle and pleasant aroma with a fine dark gold/amber colour and a good creamy head that clings down the glass. Taste wise, this has a malty, fruity sweetness and a long, rounded but refreshingly dry finish.

Pied Bull


Pied Bull began brewing in 2011 with a one barrel plant. The beer is predominantly consumed in the Pied Bull Hotel in which the brewery is based.

  1. Gullabull 3.9%

A pale ale with a strong pink grapefruit aroma.

  1. Matador 5.0%

A rich, malt driven ale with an aromatic hop profile. 2012 Champion Beer of Cheshire.

Red Willow


Husband and wife team Toby and Caroline McKenzie began brewing in a unit in Sutton Mill. Their award winning beers are distributed nationwide.

  1. Headless 3.9%

Refreshing floral pale ale with a restrained orange led bitterness.

  1. Feckless 4.1%

A classic best bitter, rich toffee and malt balanced with subtle hop flavours.

Red Star


Established in 2015 it is the first commercial Formby brewery for 70 years. The 10 barrel brewery produces a wide range of cask conditioned ales

  1. Formby Blonde 3.9% Kindly sponsored by Kirwans –

This light session ale is made with a Maris Otter Malt base combined with dominant Pacifica hops with a light orange peel finish.

  1. Formby IPA 4.0%

A session IPA with a hint of Elderflower. Brewed with a mixture of Maris Otter and Munich malt and finished using a mix of Cascade and New Zealand hops for a balance of bitterness and flavour.

St Peter’s

Bungay, Suffolk

Based adjacent to a moated medieval hall and established in 1996. It concentrates on bottled beer but has a rapidly increasing cask market.

  1. Organic Best 4.1%

A dry bitter beer with a growing astringency. Pale brown in colour, it has a gentle hop aroma which makes the definitive bitterness surprising.

  1. Golden Ale 4.0%

English pale malts coupled with Challenger and Goldings hops provide bitterness and aroma. The result is a highly distinctive, light, golden ale similar in character to a full-bodied Czech lager.


Burton upon Trent

Established in 2001 by John Mills in a tower known as Walsitch Maltings. The tower was built in the 1870s by Thomas Salt & Co Ltd. and later in 1927 owned by Burton brewers Bass & Co. Aided by the height of the tower, which uses gravity to feed the grist case and supply the water pressure. John has gone on to create award winning beers and the hard work has paid off with a Civic Society award for the restoration of an industrial building.

  1. Thomas Salt’s Burton Ale 3.5%

A classic deep amber coloured bitter with flavour belying its strength.

  1. Gone For A Burton 4.6%

An amber coloured beer with a malt hop aroma. Bitterness is provided by Fuggles Northdown hop and aroma is given from the classic hop Styrian Goldings.



Opened in 2001 Wapping brewery is the brewery in the cellars of the Baltic Fleet pub, Merseyside's only brewpub. The beer is brewed under the bow of the pub, moved into the old smugglers’ tunnels to mature in casks and then, when it's ready, moved into the cask cellar for the pub.

  1. Summer Ale 4.2%

Straw coloured, softly hopped ale with citrus notes 

  1. Malt Store Mash 1 6.2%

Dark Saison with Earl Grey, cocoa and full of bergamot and chocolate flavours. Sweet and rich to start, dry liquorice finish.



Opened in 1980 in buildings next to the Plough Inn, still the brewery’s only tied house. Steady growth over the years included the acquisition of the Sam Powell Brewery and its beers around 1991. It supplies around 200 outlets.

  1. Parish Bitter 3.8%

This pale ale combines pale and amber malts and was inspired by the village of Wistanstow, home of the Wood Brewery. Easy drinking, the beer is a refreshing tipple.  Slightly fruity session ale with First Gold, Challenger & Bramling Cross as a late hop.

  1. Shropshire Lass 4.0%

Using Pale and Lager malts and Cascade and Mount Hood hops from Washington State this gorgeous blonde ale is overlaid with a lovely citrus aroma and grapefruit notes.


Westnewton, Cumbria

The first of Cumbria’s new generation of breweries, established in 1986. Some site-grown hops are utilised in the beers.

  1. Bitter 3.7%

Well balanced, full bodied bitter, golden in colour with complex hop bitterness. Good aroma and distinctive flavour.

  1. Solway Sunrise 4.4%

Has a fruity malty caramel aroma and flavour with some hoppy hints and tangy, slightly bitter finish.


Hecks Farmhouse Cider

Street, Somerset

The Hecks family have been making traditional Somerset farmhouse cider in Street for six generations, since 1840. In 1896 the cider went on sale to the general public. Hecks farmhouse cider is one of the few cider farms to still to use the old traditional methods of cider making.

Port Wine of Glastonbury 6.0%

This cider has its origins in orchards below Glastonbury Tor. Easy on the palate, this is a true session cider with light effervescence and lemony tones.

Rosie’s Triple D Cider Farm

Llandegla, North Wales 

Steve Hughes started out making cider as a hobby in 2005. After winning several awards he went over to full time production in 2011. They now have 575 apple trees and boast 65 varieties of apple and supply across North Wales, the Northwest and beyond. The company takes its name from Steve’s Jack Russel.

Perfect Pear 6.0%

A medium sweet perry, very pale straw in colour. It has an aroma of sweet pears, yeast and alcohol. Similar flavours with alcohol fairly prominent. Has a tannic pear finish.

Wicked Wasp 7.0%

A medium dry cider, clear amber-golden colour with smooth body. Aroma of oak with some red apples and caramel. Taste of mild whiskey coming from the barrels in which it is made.

Black Bart 6.0%           

A sweet cider without being sickly. Some of the apple varieties in Black Bart are ‘Kingston Blacks’ - a vintage cider apple from which it gets its name.

Triple D 6.4%

A medium dry cider, made and matured in stainless steel vessels which help lock-in and retain the clean, great apple taste.  For a real, craft produced cider, the flavour is a little 'gentler' than a rough, high tannin scrumpy, but has more about it than lower ABV alternatives. 

Oak Matured Dry Scrumpy 7.0%

Very dry, full bodied with a rich woody taste.

Double D Sharp 6.0%
A light crisp cider almost like a cider you would get by pressing Bramleys, but it is all cider fruit grown at the Llandegla orchards. A sharp apple taste.

Rocket 5.5%

A very clear sweet cider with quite a bit going on.  Part matured in oak barrels. 


New Brighton

Local hobbyist producer who started production in 2004. All apples are hand selected and pressed by one person and the cider produced contains no artificial flavours or preservatives. 

Black Out 4.5%

Bomb site Boy. 5.5%


Incendiary Device 6.0%




We are offering a varied list of Belgian ales including three authentic Trappist Ales

Orval  (6.2%, Abbaye Notre-Dame d’ Orval, Orval)

Saison-like amber ale, aromatically hoppy but not over-bitter 

Rochefort 8  (9.2%, Abbaye Notre Dame de St. Rémy, Rochefort)

Well rounded, deep ruddy brown ale tasting of ripened dark fruits

Westmalle Tripel  (9.5%,Brouwerij der Trappisten van Westmalle, Malle)

Classic strong, orange-golden, pale ale

St. Bernardus Wit (5.5 %, St. Bernard, Watou) 

Highly spiced and unusually high character wit beer

Troubadour Magma (9%, Musketeers, Lochristi)

Sweet, lightly hopped, orange-amber ale

Hercule Stout  (9%, Ellezelloise, Ellezelles)

An excellent, strong, roasty stout

Rodenbach Grand Cru  (6%, Rodenbach [Palm], Roeslare)

Ultra-tangy beer with fine oak-aged character 

Saison Dupont  (6.5%, Dupont, Toupes-Leuze)

Modern, archetypal saison, oak-coloured, dry and herbal

Geueze Mariage Parfait  ( 8%, Boom , Lembeek)

A strong, dry and soft gueuze. Top class) 

Oude Kriek Vielle  (6.5%, Oude Beersel, Beersel)

A heavily-cherried, sweet and sour kriek


Tickets are still available for each session at the following ticket outlets.

Tranmere Rovers Club Shop & Ticket Office.

HomeBrew, Oxton Village.

Gallaghers Pub & Barbers, Birkenhead.

The Lazy Landlord, Liscard.

The Tap, West Kirby.

The Red Fox, Thornton Hough.




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